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Striped saddle pad with VALOR cut-out design

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The striped woolen saddle pad with trimmings made from calf nappa and a unique double-layer effect with iconic VALOR cut-outs is made from 100% pure, natural merino wool felt. The custom-tailoring to the horse’s spinal curve makes this blanket a perfect fit and extremely comfortable to wear.

Production: Traditionally and sustainably in Germany

Additional information

Weight 5 kg

Dressage BL: 56 cm H: 56 cm, Dressage BL: 59 cm H: 59 cm, Islandic BL: 55 cm x H: 51 cm, Show Jumping BL: 51 cm H: 51 cm, Show jumping BL: 55 cm H: 51 cm

Colour & thickness

Silvergrey-Beige (ca. 8mm)/Black leather, Silvergrey-Beige (ca. 8mm)/Brown leather, Silvergrey-Blue (ca. 8mm)/Black leather, Silvergrey-Blue (ca. 8mm)/Brown leather

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