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We treat all pets with love and care, so we strive in our store to provide a wide range of products for them of the highest quality. Each accessory is unique and lovingly crafted by experienced craftsmen, so you can rest assured that you are purchasing safe and proven products for your pet.

Dog accessories: everything your dog needs

Confused by the large assortment of dog accessories? In fact, everything is very simple, since on our site all accessories are divided by purpose. So, the harness for dogs is necessary for safe walks with the dog. Leather leashes in various colors, collars providing less strain on the neck. We offer eye-catching leather collars and leashes, stylish reflective bandanas for evening walks, and stylish leash and collar sets.

From us you can buy beds and sleeping places made of natural wool. Linen towels and blankets for your dog, indispensable on the journey, sleeping mats and even a natural wood and wool cave with a soft pillow.

In cold rainy weather, you no longer need to worry about your dog’s health and comfort. In Manifattura VALOR you can buy warm clothes for your dog.