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A collar is an indispensable thing if a dog appears in the house. Choosing the right collar for your dog takes time, as there are a large number of collar models on the market that are designed for a specific breed and different types of training. A leather dog collar should be chosen considering:

  • pet’s age;
  • condition of the coat;
  • character;
  • the size;
  • health status;
  • individual features of the body structure;

The collar needs careful care, it must be regularly cleaned of dirt. It is not recommended to save on a collar, it is better to pay attention to a product of a high quality level, otherwise the dog will not want to put it on and the purchase will lie on the shelf. When trying on, you need to see how many fingers fit between the neck and the collar, ideally 2 fingers should fit.

Choosing a leather collar model

Large, but calm dogs are suitable for wide collars, which will be securely fixed on the neck, but will not cause unnecessary discomfort to the pet. Before buying, you must carefully inspect the ring for which the leash will be fastened. A secure ring eliminates any possibility of the dog running away from the owner. When choosing, it is necessary to take into account the individual characteristics of the breed, for example:

  • for dogs with a thin neck, greyhounds and others, it is necessary to choose a leather collar that softens the pressure on a fragile neck;
  • for dogs with long hair, a collar in the form of a rope with an outer seam is suitable;
  • if the dog has delicate skin, it is necessary to buy collars from the softest materials;

Leather leash – a versatile option for walking

The leather leash for dogs is divided into several varieties. A walker leash can be used for large, tall dogs. This leash is designed for walking in crowded places in order to protect others. The owner’s second hand remains free, so he can easily control the dog. Such a leash will not work for a full walk. The long leash should be used for small and medium sized dogs. You can buy a leather leash and collar in the VALOR online store.

A collar is a must for any dog. In addition to helping to develop obedience and good behavior for walks, the product is also able to protect the animal from unknown persons, cars, other dogs and much more.

The most popular models are presented in our online store. It is from us that you can quickly and easily choose and purchase a suitable option.

Benefits of high quality products

Unique models from VALOR are presented on the pages of the catalog. Each product has a number of useful and practical advantages:

  • high quality;
  • professional production;
  • use of durable materials;
  • the product does not cause allergies, irritation or abrasion;
  • the products are practically invisible on the animal, do not interfere with the dog running or eating.

A dog collar will help teach the animal to stay close, regulate the walking distance and movement speed of the pet. Strong, durable, reliable, easy to use, multi-colored products will become an irreplaceable accessory and decoration for your pet.

A dog collar not only provides protection, but also soothes. Thus, the pet feels that the owner is near and it is protected. This is not only safety, but also psychological comfort for the pet. From this it follows that this accessory is necessary for a four-legged friend, despite its age and size.

What are collars

In order for the dog to be under reliable protection, it is necessary to choose the right collar and leash. Factors to look out for when buying:

  • material of manufacture;
  • design;
  • the main task;
  • the presence of additional elements.

These are the main parameters that are of great importance.

As for the material, in this case it is safer to choose natural leather. The material will not bite into the dog’s neck or chafe. In addition, genuine leather is reliable, which means it will not let you down at the most crucial moment.

Soft or strict collars

The choice is not difficult, since in this case everything depends directly on the breed. If we are talking about a medium-sized dog, then a classic soft collar will be enough for her. It is also important to consider the nature of the pet and its potential. If the breed is a fighting breed, then all the necessary measures should be taken to educate and train.

Strict collars are not designed for the comfort of the dog, but rather the opposite. The special design makes it possible to train the dog, give clear commands and wait for complete obedience in response.