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Every dog ​​needs its own corner, where it will feel safe and cozy. Before you get a pet, you should decide on a place for it and place a dog’s mat or cave there. This thing is simply necessary for a pet to be calm and comfortable.

The mat is suitable if you have underfloor heating in your home and the place you have chosen is completely protected from drafts. There are also foldable mats that are essential for travel. This is the cheapest and easiest variant to care for – you only need to shake it out from time to time. But not all dogs will like this place – it may not be comfortable enough.

The bed is practically the same mat, only located on a dais and having bumpers. The price for dog beds depends on their size and quality. Their dogs accept much better: this way your dog will be protected from the draft going on the floor, and will be able to rest against the side.

Caves are most often bought for small dogs and cats. In it, they feel safe and can hide if necessary. A large dog cave will take up a lot of space and cost a lot.