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Equipment for working with a horse

Goods for working with a horse, riding, cleaning and grooming … On the VALOR website you can buy horse harness from the VALOR masters, developed by passionate horse riding enthusiasts for the same fans of this sport.

Horse equipment

Saddles and accessories for a saddle, saddle pads, shock absorbers for a saddle, ear nets, blankets, gaiters, bells and boots, equipment for transportation, halters, reins and bridles, bits, equipment for training and harness for a horse for working on a line and training, horse trekking and skin care. Our experts have developed a wide range of products to help you in your daily work with your horse.

Horse riders equipment

Whether you are a beginner rider, experienced rider or a pro, horse training or horse riding, our riding equipment will satisfy all your needs and become the link between you and your horse. Our harness has been designed for the comfort of the rider and horse. It will provide technicality, safety, comfort and stylish appearance to both of you.

Horse rugs & blankets

Blankets from the VALOR brand will become a faithful companion of a horse both in a stable or arena, and in the open air, in hot and cold weather, while riding or relaxing. Our blankets and rugs are excellent value for money, easy to care for and will give your horse comfort.