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Halters and leads are one of the main items of the stables. Halters and leads are an important element for taming a young and inexperienced horse. It is these tools that first of all help to make friends with an untrained horse, to set it up for a friendly attitude towards ammunition, to equestrianism and training.

Basically, this necessary equipment is used for taking horses out of the paddock, cleaning and keeping it on a leash.

A halter is a bridle that does not have a bit, which makes it possible to maintain contact with the horse without causing it inconvenience. The halter can be classic and rope or ribbon. The classic halter may comes in several standard sizes and can be leather or nylon. Rope halter, as the name implies, is woven from rope or ribbon.

The halter is put on the horse’s head without bridging and the lead (rope with a knot at the end) is attached to it.

Leads are distinguished into braid, rope or chain. The length of the chombur is 1.5-2 meters.
A correctly selected halter will not bring any discomfort to the horse, which will make it easy to control and train the animal. When choosing a harness, you must consider the size and breed of the horse.

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