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Horse blankets (rugs)

Horses are sensitive to drafts and dampness. Therefore, it is important to cover them properly as soon as the need arises. When the temperature starts to drop, make sure that the blanket you choose meets the following criteria: your horse is in the stall or outdoors, is sheared or not. These are very important nuances in the riding world.

Types of horse blankets (rugs)

There are different types of horse blankets. Among them are lightweight, transport, walking and training blankets. A light blanket consists of one layer of fabric, while a walking blanket is a quilted cape with a lining. Horse rugs protect your horse from insects and rain, and absorb sweat to keep his skin dry. A riding blanket should be both waterproof and breathable to protect the horse from the weather and cold when exercising outdoors. The training rugs differ from the previous two models, as they can be used while the horse is working. The best models ensure better absorption of sweat and keep your horse’s body temperature constant.

Consider the weather conditions

If you decide to cover your horse with a blanket, take into account the temperature fluctuations throughout the day. Wrapping a horse too warmly can be uncomfortable, as horses can handle cold more easily than heat. There are various ways to find out if a horse is cold: you can tell if a horse is too hot if the coat is sticky when stroking; if the wool is cold, it must be covered. You can also check this by touching the base of her ear. Since the rugs are in direct contact with the horse’s skin, you should take good care of them to keep your horse healthy. When it comes to choosing a blanket for your horse, pay special attention to caring for it.