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Saddle pads for horses

A saddle pad for a horse is one of the most essential elements for riding. We offer you best models for horses. Here you can choose a saddle cloth for your level of training and type of equestrian sport, which will also be useful to you during the competition.

The saddle pad is one of the main elements of riding equipment

The saddle pad will bring comfort to both the horse or pony and the rider, and will also become a fashionable accessory for riding. We offer you a wide range of colors: red, grey, blue, black, white, brown and many others. In addition, VALOR store can help you personalize your saddle pad.

Dressage, jumping, eventing and western saddle pad

Looking for a dressage saddle pad? Check out our selection about goods for dressage saddles. Or do you need a saddle cloth for a western saddle? For walks and hikes, we have a selection of Western-style saddle pads. We also make excellent jumping saddle pad and eventing saddle pad for your future victories.

Unique and exclusive saddle pads

VALOR offers you a line of excellent quality saddle pad from natural pure wool for a variety of uses. You can pick up and buy a saddle cloth for a horse in our online store.