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A blank wall in a room is not a great interior design solution, but it can be a real easel for a decorator. If your home has an empty space that needs to be filled with style, you can play the part of designer and decorate your wall with decor to your liking.

Details such as photos on the walls are a great way to add personality and meaning to your home. These can be pictures from family archives, portraits of famous personalities, interesting subjects and photographic paintings. Since its inception and up to the present day black and white photography has not lost its relevance. Monochrome images using a single colour in many shades are a stylish option for the modern interior. The colour palette can also be used in interesting ways and can be chosen so that it blends in or contrasts with the general colour scheme of the room.

For a photo to look like a decoration on the wall rather than a torn out magazine illustration, you need a photo frame that matches your creative intent. The decor will allow you to frame your picture beautifully, as well as make it easy to place and preserve it. Frames make it easy to create three-dimensional compositions and arrange your photos in any order you like, swapping them around from time to time.