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A woollen backing is highly absorbent, requires little maintenance and does not build up static electricity (except in the first few months after making the rug). Other important arguments in favour of this choice are the softness and durability, aesthetics and comfort that these amazing creations of human hands bring into the home.

Handmade wool rugs

Over the years, much that was once considered luxurious and prized by the weight of gold, has become affordable. Spices, incense, crystal, silk and many other items have come into our everyday lives, including rugs. They were once considered to be the epitome of luxury, and only the very wealthy could afford to buy a carpet. Today, despite the availability of machine made rugs, true connoisseurs of quality and exclusivity, like many centuries ago, prefer handmade rugs. These unique creations are still an indicator of wealth, taste and status of their owners. Some are considered to be true works of art and should be passed down as family heirlooms from generation to generation, with an average lifespan of around three centuries allowing them to survive.

Wool rugs: the uniqueness of natural material

Wool rugs owe their remarkable aura in many ways to the natural material – pure, sustainable, and practical. It is responsible for an unparalleled durability that even the most sophisticated synthetic threads cannot guarantee.