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A cosy home is not about walls and furniture, but a properly filled space, which every housewife decorates according to her own taste. The same furniture can be supplemented with different decorative cushions or bedspreads, which will radically change the atmosphere of the room. Home textiles is a broad concept, which includes various products for the whole house – for bathroom, bedroom and living room. Even rugs, which came to us from the East, also belong to this category.

Living room and dining room textiles include sofa covers, plaids, decorative pillows, cloth napkins, towels, tablecloths, but the most popular are items for the bathroom and bedroom.

Quality textiles

When choosing home textiles, a housewife’s priority is quality, not colour and patterns. Such products as towels, plaids, bedding sets are in constant contact with the skin, are subject to frequent washing, so such home textiles should be of high quality and have the following properties:

  • made of dense fabric, does not roll up or stretch;
  • Towels should be sturdy, and terry cloths should be made of 100% cotton, so they absorb water well;
  • dyes on home textiles must not shed or fade;
  • articles should preferably be machine-washable, because a big bedspread or towel cannot easily be washed by hand;
  • kitchen towels should preferably be light-coloured and able to withstand washing at a high temperature in order to remove stains caused by greasy foods;
  • Blankets and pillows should be made of natural or hypoallergenic fillings.