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Don’t be fooled into thinking that equestrian clothing has to look clumsy or unflattering. The choice is enormous, and even the most discerning fashionistas can find the one that suits their tastes and parameters. Materials of manufacture, tailoring options, styles of clothing, usability – all presented in a huge range. First of all, the clothes should be sewn qualitatively. This implies the absence of all kinds of chafing seams and other elements that interfere with the proper use of clothes. Moreover, clothes should not constrain the movement, and be loose so as not to hurt the joints.

For equestrian sports it is better to choose dark clothes because the animal may be dirty or the rider may simply fall off the horse. As for comfort, another important rule is that the fewer clasps and other fasteners, the better. After all, with sudden movements any button can fly off and a loop – tore. For this reason, it is better to use costumes without clutches and choose the most stretchy, elastic materials.

There are, as you know, two kinds of equestrian activities. The unsophisticated ordinary spectator sees beautiful skunks, tricks, riding – it’s a spectacle. The second kind of activity is also important – cleaning and other not so interesting work in the stables. Each option has its own clothing. It must be comfortable in both cases, but in one it is important to look neat and in the other to be resistant to dirt.