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Nothing hinders a good rider if he or she is properly dressed. Everyone knows about special riding breeches or socks. But quality T-shirts and shirts are often neglected for reasons of economy. And completely in vain.

Shirts, polo shirts and equestrian shirts special cut not only add color to your training suit, but also protect your skin from many unpleasant effects.

First of all, it’s worth understanding that the fit of the rider during training is slightly different from the way we move in everyday life. Therefore, normal shirts and T-shirts can significantly restrict your movements when you are in the saddle.

The fit of polo shirts and riding shirts is perfect for riders of all ages and sizes, just make sure you get the right size. These clothes don’t restrict movement, but they won’t be too loose and distracting during training. And the fabrics used in t-shirts and polo shirts for riding tend to stretch in both directions, allowing riders maximum freedom of movement in the saddle.

Today, waistcoats have become fashionable in the riding community, not surprisingly, as they are very comfortable to wear. Protective waistcoats for riding and equestrian sports protect riders from draughts while keeping their hands free for comfortable handling as well as a smart look.

The waistcoat is a popular and versatile piece of clothing. Due to its versatility (it is easy to combine it with various clothes from a T-shirt to a jumper), the waistcoat is suitable for everyday use. A quality waistcoat should be lightweight and warm at the same time.